Twizzle was first est. in 1980 with a funky little shop on West Broadway, Vancouver BC by Dennis and Therese. It became successful from the get-go with some of Vancouver’s top stylists.

We also trained and educated to create some of Vancouver’s top stylists. We are involved in fashion shows, magazines and our own hair shows.

In the year 1997, early in the morning, our next door neighbor The Parthenon – an old landmark Greek deli – had a fire and burnt down Twizzle and the restaurant. So there we were, starting new and fresh. Twizzle stepped up ten-fold with a beautiful architecturally built salon designed by Calvin, a young, inspiring architect located in the heart of Kitsilano and Point Grey on 4th and Stephens.

The shop was inspiring for everyone involved, designers, trades people, stylists and clients. In the year 2005 Therese (mother of three boys) decided to retire and Dennis is now the sole owner.

Twizzle Gallery

Dennis, a long-time musician himself,  has been involved in the music and art scene for many years and has been exhibiting art at Twizzle since the beginning in 1980 with some of the top local and international artists. The Twizzle art showings change every 6 to 8 weeks with many colorful & artistic pieces to look at.

We welcome you to drop by and view the shows or even receive a free consultation.